About River Jordan Farm, LLC

Jim Yates’ River Jordan Farm, LLC is a well-maintained cattle farm that produces only the finest Wagyu grass-fed beef in Huntly, Virginia. By raising cattle in a natural manner, Jim is able to produce meat products that provide customers with marbled meat rich in Omega-3 fatty acids similar to the Omega-3 and Omega-6 found in salmon.

Meet the Owner

Jim Yates was born and raised on a farm. His great-great grandfather was one of the first farmers to bring cattle into Virginia. Inspired by his  passion for raising cattle, he has established his own cattle farm.

Wagyu Cattle Farming Techniques

To provide proper nourishment for his cattle, Jim performs rotational pasture management through his nearly 400-acre farm. He also provides a healthy breeding environment for his cows, which roam around freely on the farm. His ranch uses solar-powered water pumps to keep the cattle hydrated, as well as to lower his farm’s carbon footprint.